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From: Chris Johns
Subject: Brett and Daniel Pt 4 Brett and Daniel
Chapter 4Brett spent the remainder of the summer making over the library in his
flat, replacing the damaged books to complete his collection again. He
brought in some of the bronzes and salvaged pictures and his beautiful
glass, completing the transition before he had to return to college for the
new semester.Teaching students computer science, the same way he had taught Daniel made
him a popular lecturer. Now approaching 29, he was still a very attractive
man and he knew several of the young men in his classes were gay and played
up to him. It didn't matter, he had never been into casual sex and now was
even less likely to with his love of Daniel destroying any other
emotion. He had lost the boy he would love forever, he didn't want anyone
else. He did however start to socialise with younger members of the faculty
and even occasionally with students, but never one to one. A group took him
to a bar one Friday night, persuasively achieved."Oh come on Sir. It's the start of the weekend. Let your hair down and come
for a drink with us."Difficult to say no, but he was still a little shocked when he realised it
was a gay bar that he was being taken to. Even more shocked when he caught
sight of the barman, it was Daniel. They locked eyes only once during the
evening, Brett sending other boys to the bar with his money when it was his
round.That was the night that Brett cried himself to sleep again being reminded
of what he had lost.Almost a year after moving out of his nn preteen lsm house two major things happened to
shock Brett. The first was seeing Daniel in his lectures quite
regularly. That hurt, emotionally. He simply could not look at the boy
without young preteen russian tears appearing, so he avoided looking at him. He called his name
when taking the register but he wouldn't defloration preteen model look at him and he never addressed
him in lectures. The second thing was John Smith calling him one night to
tell him that the Hall, his mansion, was burning to the ground. When he
arrived the fire chief told him the facts."It was an old house Mr. Salmon, as you know. All of the wood was so dry we
simply could not contain it. It started in a bedroom we believe, so the
roof caught early and collapsed into the remainder of the house. I'm afraid
there is nothing to salvage. There were a bunch of young men hanging around
when we arrived and a couple of them that were sober said no one was left
in the house."Brett looked at the remains and remembered the joy of renovating it and
making it such a beautiful home, and the two years he had with Daniel in
this house. He was almost pleased it was gone now."Thank you Chief, when the embers have had a chance to cool off I'll have
the site cleared, and then I expect I'll sell the land for development.""Were you insured, Sir?""Yes, but the money isn't important. It was worth much more than money to
me."With that comment he turned and left, never expecting to come cgiworld preteen board
again. He paid John for the removals and to organise the male preteen clearing of the
site, but he never got round to puting it on the market.Daniel completed his degree cause getting a first. Brett was so proud of
him, but never said anything. Now 32 he felt that his world would remain
much the same for the remainder of his preteen model anal
life. He had wanted to do so many
things when he had Daniel, but now, well, he just couldn't summon any
enthusiasm.For the next four years Brett saw very little of his love. He knew he was
teaching programming at another local college and he heard that his tenure
was looking very shaky because he was so scruffy, he was looking like a
tramp, also one of the faculty told Brett that the man looked as though he
was starving."I know you go back a long way with Daniel, Brett. He told me once. You
must know he has a brilliant brain and is now making huge sums of money
with his software programmes so, seeing him scruffy and half starved
doesn't make any sense."It didn't to Brett either. He didn't know where Danny lived but cared
enough to have a word with Father Howard. He hadn't been back to the
village since the house burnt down, but he did keep in touch with the
father. Now, he decided it was time to go to church again. The Sunday he
went he took with him a bunch of flowers for Maria's grave. He felt guilty
that he had not been looking after it.First stop was the vicarage before the father left for the church."Brett, what a pleasant surprise, and a coincidence.""Hello Father, what's the coincidence?""Daniel was here a little while ago and left these keys for you, and this
letter. I have to tell you, he looks very fallen angels preteen ill but he wouldn't stay."Brett took both, slipping the keys in his pocket. Opening the letter he
just looked at the signature first and then teared up. This wasn't fair, he
had got over Daniel hadn't he?My dearest Brett, Ten years ago you saved me from a terrible life, lavished
a huge amount of love on me only to be repaid with actions on my part that
destroyed your beautiful home and spurned your love.If you take the keys up to the Hall you will find they fit the new front
door. I have tried to ensure that the rebuild is as close to the original
house where I knew such great love.The cars were more difficult. I did get two vintage MGs but only one of
them is the same as your original, the other is a few years younger.I have not refurnished or reequipped the house because your tastes may well
have changed . I have however left a check in the study for fifty thousand
pounds to allow you to do that yourself.I know that I can never restore the damage I did to your heart, but I hope
time has been a good healer and you will find another boy to love, one who
will deserve it and not abuse it as I did.I know now that I will never find another love like yours and that fills me
with sadness.Please preteen models myusernet forgive me andforget me, have a good life.I free preteengalleries will love you forever my darling.Daniel.Brett handed it to the Father and just dissolved in tears."I still love him so much. I would forgive him if he came home. I could
forgive him anything, just ot have him back. I'm sure we could make it work
this time.""I'm so sorry Brett. I have to go for the morning service. Why don't you
remain here and we can go up to the house later."Brett nodded and wept like a baby.`I preteen pantyhose girls must go and talk to Maria about this,' he thought after the vicar had
gone.He preteen model bbs walked over to the graveyard and for the third time in his life saw the
figure crouched by the headstone sobbing. He got close enough to hear
Daniel talking to his mother."I love him so much Mama. What I did to him was truly awful. I pray he will
be able to preteen asain forum
forgive me, but I will never know. I am going away now and will
never return to see my lost love again. Look out for me Mama until I can
join you, I don't think it will be very long. I don't want to live without
him now that I have realised what I have lost.""I do forgive you, and you are not going away. I haven't loved you for ten
years to have it all mean nothing."Daniel spun round and just looked at Brett but didn't make any further
move. Brett looked at him in shock as much as anything."What on earth have you done to yourself? You look thinner than the first
time I rescued you."In a very shaky voice Daniel explained."I needed every penny I could lay my hands on to rebuild the Hall. I
couldn't afford to eat and I knew a place I could live for nothing. I had
after all survived there for two years when I was just a child."Brett shook his head in wonder."Do you really mean I can stay here with you?""Yes my love. You are still my life, I never want to be without you again."Emotional overload for Daniel, and in his weakened state too much, he just
collapsed.Brett called emergency services and within twenty minutes Daniel was in the
County Hospital, on a drip that was pumping glucose smatt preteen tits and God knows what
other nutrients into his emaciated body."Are you his next of kin Mr. Salmon?""No Doctor, I'm his only kin and I'm not related by blood."After a minute to think the doctor shrugged."Well, Daniel is lucky to be alive. He has just about starved himself to
death. He is incredibly weak and borderline critical. We are doing
everything we can to save him, but he is going to be a semi invalid for
quite some time I think.""But he will live, and he will be alright eventually won't he?"A shake of the head filled Brett with fear."Neither of those is certain. As preteen free crack I said, we are doing everything we can.""How long before you are sure he will live?""Oh, I would think 24 hours. If he is still alive then we should be over
that hurdle. The second part, that's a different beast. Probably several
weeks before we are sure. We must bring his weight up quite swedish preteen dramatically,
but we can't do it too fast.""Can I see him Doc.?"Brett didn't leave Daniel's side for the next 24 hours except for the call
of nature. Every time he looked at him he was amazed at the fact he was
still alive. He looked almost like a skeleton, how stupid, how unnecessary,
and then he thought. The Daniel that he wanted to remember would have done
anything to make restitution for his mistakes, male preteen
and this was an example. He
wondered what would have happened if Daniel had not been able to command a
huge income. Would he have done the same thing over a longer period and
simply died of starvation instead of just nearly dying. That made him
shudder.The first hurdle had been overcome. When he was sure, Brett went home,
picked up some clothes and toilet gear before returning to the
hospital. The hospital administrator was next on Brett's list."Ms. Singleton, I want Daniel Duncan moved into a private room with two
beds. Until he leaves this hospital I'm going to be sleeping in his
room. I'll have preteen model bbs my food sent in, and when Daniel is on a normal diet, his
as well.""This is very unusual Mr. Salmon, I will have to talk to the
administrator.""That's fine because I'm sure Doc will say yes."Settled into the new room Brett waited for Danny to wake up. When he did,
the first thing he saw was Brett sat in a chair close to the bed,
reading. One hand held onto Danny's hand so he squeezed it, making Brett
look up.A small smile was all Daniel could muster and a few very softly spoken
words."I love you so much, please forgive me."Brett returned the smile despite his worry."I've already told you I forgive you because I love you so very much
also. Now all you have to do is get well so that we can go and have a look
at the Hall together."Daniel smiled again before slipping back into sleep. Most of the next week
he slept, gaining strength all the time from his intravenous food
supply. Nurses and doctors were in and out all the time making sure Daniel
was cared for properly. They needn't have bothered, Brett monitored
everything to do with his love. The next week they played computer chess,
Daniel with his laptop and Brett with his.The third week was the preteen naked vigins
big break through, Daniel started eating solids, the
needles came out and he looked stronger. The food was brought in,
complying, of course, with the Doctor's orders on nutritional value. It was
the best food money could buy, Brett was determined his love would get
better as quickly as it was humanly possible."Brett, shouldn't you be at lectures?""Yes my love, but I've taken three months leave to look after you. If
necessary I'll extend that to male preteen
three years.""You silly old thing, boys naked preteen I'm going preteen nn asian to be better much sooner than that and back
at college myself giving lectures."Brett got serious then."Neither of us ever needs to work again Danny. I am wealthy enough to keep
us both forever.""That's nice to know, but it's your money, I need to make my own.""No my love, everything I have is yours. It started with my heart which you
have always had, but now it is everything I am and everything I own. You
must know you are my life Danny. I want you with me forever now. We have
had too much trauma, it's time for some extended peace. You must promise me
you will never run off again. If you have a problem with me, or vice versa,
we must talk about it."Danny grinned, "Ok Boss. You have to promise you will give me a good hiding
if I start doing silly things again, agreed?""Agreed, I'd sooner spank you than lose you."Of course Brett couldn't even begin to imagine hurting his love and he
hoped it would never become necessary anyway.
The peace and tranquilty he so longed for comes at last as Brett settles
into an ordered life with his love in the final chapter.
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